Breakfast and Brunch Restaurant in Miami

La Suiza Bakery is a classic breakfast and brunch spot for people in Miami. Drop by.

We offer a variety of dishes ranging from traditional Cuban pastries to freshly baked doughnuts.

Best Brunch Spot

Offering a huge variety of sandwiches and pastries, La Suiza Bakery is a favorite brunch spot in the region. We aim to serve our customers within 10 minutes of placing an order.

From traditional baguettes to fried bacon, we can prepare an assortment of dishes that will satisfy all customers. Step in to have a taste of our traditional Cuban delicacies!

One of the best spots for brunching

Breakfast and Brunch restaurant  Brickell
Breakfast and Brunch restaurant  Miami

Local Breakfast Restaurant

La Suiza Bakery is open for breakfast as early as 6:30 in the morning. Drop by our shop for a healthy meal on your way to work!

We offer a range of Cuban delicacies, pastries, and sandwiches with coffee or freshly squeezed juice to get your day started. If you fancy a deliciously prepared Latin American snack, taste our Bocadito de Lasca sandwich.

The best place to grab breakfast

Our Menu Includes:

  • Buffets
  • Bocaditos sandwiches
  • Tamales
  • Los pasteles
  • Desayunos
  • Dulces criollos and finos

Drop by if you happen to be in the neighborhood!

"Cuban Bakery specializing in all kinds of pastries and cakes"

8566 Sw 8th St,

Miami, Fl. 33144


(305) 262-7376