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Diana H.

A wonderful Cuban bakery. Friendly helpful staff. The most excellent pastries you can ask for. It's best if you spoke Spanish but they will certainly help you in English too. Try the croquettas pastelitos and empanadas.The best in town!

Miércoles, 11 Febrero 2015

Sebastian P.

great tasting pastries & of course coffee. nice girls behind the counters. what else can you ask for?

obviously can get busy....

Miércoles, 11 Febrero 2015

Jennifer B.

One word...delicious! Me & my family have been buying our pastelitos & croquetas here for 25 years! The taste & quality has NEVER changed. Their product is always fresh & they don't skim on the filling either. If you haven't been here before, then you haven't had the best!

Lunes, 10 Febrero 2014

Michael C.

Honestly, not the cleanest looking place, but there is a great neighborhood feel in here and it gets 5 stars for service. They got my order wrong and gave me "jugo de naranja" instead of "una colada" (my Spanish sucks) and for the delay, I got a free colada. I was not unhappy in the first place as it was just a misunderstanding, but the good gesture made me a customer for life. After repeated visits, they have been consistently friendly and prompt and the products are well above average. I hope to try the breakfast soon now that I am working in the area, as that always looks great. There is obviously no shortage of decent Cuban bakeries/cafeterias on 8th Street, but if you are looking for one with friendly service, La Suiza is worth going out of your way for.

Lunes, 10 Febrero 2014

Martha M.

As if! La Suiza on 8 st and 87 ave is by far best Cuban bakery. And I've had Vicky's bakery goods. They're bocaditos, ham croquets and cheese pastelitos are amazing! Plus they have ready to go party trays of mini pastelitos.

Lunes, 10 Febrero 2014


Good Web site, Preserve the excellent job. Thanks a lot!

Martes, 10 Septiembre 2013

Gabriel G.

Try the tostada de pan frances con queso de crema! Cafe con leche always goes well with this.

Viernes, 28 Junio 2013

Nathalie F.

Service is great. The bread is amazing and if you're in the mood for something sweet try the pastelitos de guayaba and de queso

Viernes, 28 Junio 2013

Mamey D.

Everything here is excellent! Pan Cubano is Serious

Viernes, 28 Junio 2013

New Times

Don't think it's possible to order just one thing from here. What would you choose? Croquetas? Pastelitos? Cicharrones? Why not have them all? You don't need to tug on your wallet for deliciousness!

Viernes, 28 Junio 2013

C a r m s

Try the pastelitos de queso (cheese pastries) best in town!

Viernes, 28 Junio 2013

Yam V.

Delicioso pan cubano con mantequilla !!!

Viernes, 28 Junio 2013

Helen B.

Try the deditos de queso...they're the best I've had anywhere!

Viernes, 28 Junio 2013

Donald B.

try the pan con bistec. best in town

Viernes, 28 Junio 2013

Miami New Times

When the guava and cheese pastels come warm out of the oven it is the best!

Viernes, 28 Junio 2013

Elizabeth Kidder Sanchez

La Suiza is amazing!!! The best pastelitos de queso EVER!!!

Viernes, 28 Junio 2013

Food Fan

Their Ajiaco is incredible! Plus all the pastries and goodies that delight the most critical taster.

Viernes, 28 Junio 2013

Sara H.

The best Cuban Bakery in Miami!

Their cream cheese filled pastilitos are to die for, melt-in-your-mouth, beyond compare. La Suiza does a great job at everything and I always have to stop here when in Miami.

Viernes, 14 Junio 2013


Great Cuban Pastries

Almost every family party, dinner or gathering for years has included someone picking up an assortment of Cuban pastries, other Cuban food standards or incredible cakes from La Suiza. Delicious! It's practically part of the family. They do small to-go serving sizes as well as huge quantities for large parties.

Viernes, 14 Junio 2013

Alina R.

This place has some great pastelitos!  Fresh, hot Cuban bread all day, good croquetas.  I used to come here when I was little since my grandma owned a framing shop in this shopping center.  I have since had pastries from here occasionally, and they never disappoint.  Try their pastelitos de queso.

Viernes, 14 Junio 2013

Martha M.

I tell everyone I meet at one point or another about this amazing place. I'd have to say that it's  the best Cuban bakery in Miami. Their pastelitos are big and flaky and perfect. I've been coming here since I was a kid and have tried other pastelitos, there is no comparison. What i love is that they have pre done pastelito and bocadito platters that you can grab on the run. Oh yea, everything else here is good too, lol.

Viernes, 14 Junio 2013

Mayren O.

YUM! The pastries here are always fresh. This bakery has been around for so long, that it is a little piece of history on SW 8th ST. Its fame lives on through the pallets of the new generations... bite after bite.  If you go often you will see the regular faces and the family like relationship between the customers and the employees. Although it may not be completely modernized, it's comforting to see that some places stay true to themselves. A lot of places lose their humility as well as their customer service that tends to go out the window. Some things need not be fixed... especially when they are not broken.  Anything I have ever eaten here was mouth pleasing and I couldn't say otherwise. The croquetas, pastelitos and the sandwiches are delicious! Try any and all of your favorites and you wont be disappointed.

Viernes, 14 Junio 2013

Christie A.

I LOOOOOVE the pastelitos from La Suiza!  Definitely worth the drive over from my house IMO.  Too many bakeries have generic, previously frozen, then thawed and baked pastelitos for sale.  Though I cannot say for sure, I really think La Suiza makes their own!  The pastelitos are always tasty and always full of whatever filling you select. The croquetas are just okay, but the tequenos here are pretty good too! 

Man, my mouth just watered thinking about this place....I definitely have to go back soon!

One more note- If you decide to go, don't go too late, because then the pickings are slim ;)

Viernes, 14 Junio 2013

Vanessa S.

I've been eating at La Suiza since I was a kid.... my parents always bought my birthday cakes there and I kept going back as an adult on those lazy sunday mornings to get some fresh pastelitos and cafe con leche! 

The staff are more friendly than your average pastelito pushers, in my opinion and the atmosphere always feel lite and friendly.

Viernes, 14 Junio 2013

"Cuban Bakery specializing in all kinds of pastries and cakes"

8566 Sw 8th St,

Miami, Fl. 33144


(305) 262-7376