Sweets and Pastry Shop

Step into our sweets and pastry shop for a culinary delights. Visit La Suiza Bakery in Miami.

We are passionate about desserts, cakes and delicately designed fruit tarts.

Local Pastry Shop

La Suiza Bakery is a gourmet pastry shop offering some of the most delicious and fantastic treats. You will be able to taste both traditional and Latin American flavors from our range of local and Cuban delicacies.

Each of our cupcakes and empanadas is baked with passion and devotion to satisfy gourmet lovers. Don't miss the opportunity to taste one of our traditional Cuban delights!

Your favorite pastry shop in the region

Sweets and Pastry Shop Brickell
Sweets and Pastry Shop Miami

Sweets and Pastry Expert

La Suiza Bakery specializes in home-made pastries and sweets. Our pastry chef prepares bites of fresh, buttery and flaky perfection that you can enjoy anytime of the day.

From quesitos filled with cream cheese, guava or pineapple, our Cuban pastries will brighten your day at the office. Accompanied by a cup of cappuccino, you can also savor our freshly baked pastelitos while reading the morning news.

Satisfying your sweet tooth with our delicacies

Choose From Our Cakes:

  • Girls and boys birthday cakes
  • Baby shower cakes
  • Seasonal cakes
  • Wedding cakes
  • Regular cakes
  • Bautizos cakes

We always aim for perfection!

"Cuban Bakery specializing in all kinds of pastries and cakes"

8566 Sw 8th St,

Miami, Fl. 33144


(305) 262-7376